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The publisher calls with the news that your book is in the Top 10. It’s a wonderful feeling when an extra income idea and your very first attempt at writing for profit pays off big time. It happened to me and it could just as easily happen to you. “Starting Your Own Business” (How-To-Books ISBN 1-85703 -859-2) was listed by The Independent newspaper in its edition of Tuesday 17 July 2001 as one of the Top 10 Business Books world wide. I was delighted of course but especially so because this particular piece of niche non-fiction (first published in 1994) had been around the block many times: eight reprints, currently in its third revised edition and rapidly heading towards a fourth.

How could an inexperienced part-time writer’s first attempt at writing for profit attain such longevity and achieve corresponding widespread media and reader recognition?

Access my proven strategies: they will empower you to earn extra income at home by creating niche non-fiction and generating exponential residuals in your spare time

This powerful creative writing course reveals the closed secrets that propelled my first traditionally published niche non-fiction book to dizzy heights and inspired me to replicate the formula with a sequel that continues to sell in big numbers online and offline “Starting an Internet Business at Home” (Kogan Page ISBN 0-7494-3484-8) followed by a host of other top selling titles. What I have achieved in writing for profit, so too can you when you are in possession of my tried and tested make-money-writing formula.

If you ever yearned to write a book and have it published but never quite knew how to go about matters with any degree of certitude then this unique tutorial is right on track for you. The focus here is on writing for profit by creating niche non-fiction which is akin to formula writing in that the author works to a tried and tested blueprint. It is the archetype that opens up a vista of possibilities even if you consider yourself to be among the least experienced of wordsmiths.

To assist you in locating an appropriate publisher for your particular project, you will also be directed to a secret web site, a ‘vertical’ portal containing 1000s of publishing activity profiles together with access to the relevant web sites where you can make your selection of candidates for submission.

At whatever level your experience of creative writing lies even if you’ve never written anything before this remarkable tutorial will show you how to write for profit and achieve success as a niche non-fiction writer in your own time, your spare time.

You have at least one good book in you It’s an age-old adage which is as true today as when it was first mooted. The problem is that most people never get around to writing that first book because they hamper progress by cluttering their minds with blocks.

Could you produce a niche-carving best seller in your spare time? With professional guidance, you almost certainly could. I never suspected I would but I have managed to produce several over the years writing for profit on a part time basis, and so too could you if you set about matters with conviction. This exclusive tutorial will show you how to plan to achieve success as a niche non-fiction writer in your own time, your spare time, and in the process earn extra income at home.

Using my proven techniques you can translate your own personally achieved expertise into a niche carving volume that will be snatched off the bookshelves by eager buyers. Does this statement touch a nerve? Do you doubt that anyone else would be interested in learning what you know? Then you’d be wrong and here’s why: your hard won expertise is the catalyst to success in writing for profit; it’s the extra income idea that develops into an extra income opportunity and the essential channel that provides other like minded people with the specialist knowledge they crave and will be willing to pay to access.

Bookmark this site now for future reference but before you leave browse through the rest of the pages and pick up many valuable Writing for Profit tips for free.

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