Online Review Info Kurt Bellomys Fit Over 40 Exercise Program Proven To Restore Brain Chemistry

Kurt Bellomy will teach you a step by step fitness program designed to boost aging endorphins, recapture mental energy, and supercharge your life. Being Fit Over 40 is about a whole new you!

After 10 years of personal training Celebrities & Politicians, and then many years of personal struggle including trauma, depression, and addiction, at 41 years old, Kurt Bellomys Fit Over 40 book is his step by step fitness system for the over 40 crowd, that is proven to dramatically restore brain chemistry, stimulate endorphin release, and is specially designed to increase physical health, improve mental health acuity, and boost self-esteem!

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According to The Center for Addiction & Mental Health, 1 in 5 people experience clinical mental illness and many more struggle with stress or grief. There was a study done at Duke University that proved that exercise improved brain chemistry better than Zoloft. Kurt Bellomys Fit Over 40 was a culmination of his own study, working with 140 men suffering with burn-out, substance abuse, mental health disorders, and relationship stress like separation or divorce. In doing so he discovered that as he trained them, clients would quickly lower their doses of antidepressants, dramatically improve their state of mind and boost their self esteem directly related to specific exercises and routines. Kurt discovered that working-out became an elixir for depression and addiction, and many other debilitating mental health disorders.This changed the course of Kurts career. Today, he instructs his clients less on the cosmetic side of personal fitness but focuses on teaching about exercises that restore his clients mental health and talks about ending the stigma around mental illness.

Its all about brain chemistry, endorphins and blood flow. Kurt has designed a fitness program for men over 40 that steadily and progressively releases those endorphins and increases blood flow. Endorphins are neurotransmitters, chemicals that are produced as a response to certain stimuli, especially stress, fear or pain. They originate in various parts of your body the pituitary gland, your spinal cord and throughout other parts of your brain and nervous system and interact mainly with receptors in cells found in regions of the brain responsible for blocking pain and improving emotion. Until recently, It wasnt possible to measure endorphin levels in the human brain, so the role of endorphins in the “runners high” for instance and other periods of euphoria or mood change were still hotly debated. However, new imaging methods allow researchers to study the ebb and flow of endorphins as they interact with human brain cells, verifying their role in the rush that exercise provides. In fact, a study at Duke University proved that exercise was a better treatment for depression than Zoloft. Science finally supported Kurts theories, and now you can transform your body and mind today as well.

Stress at home, stress at work, I felt sick and trapped. Kurt showed me not just how to look good, but how fitness could improve my ability to cope with stress. Today I look good, but more importantly, I feel great!

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